Group Roles

Group roles can be organized in any way that makes sense for your company, by location, by organization, by job description, etc. After the groups are defined in Infor YMS, an ION administrator can assign users to each group giving them permissions associated group role. With this configuration, any user can be assigned to multiple group roles if needed.

Infor YMS ships with several predefined user authorization groups. You can view a list of these groups, as well as any user groups that you have created, on the Groups form. For each group, this form shows a list of all users who are members of that group.

We recommend that, when creating your own groups, you use a naming convention that clearly identifies the group as one that you, or someone else in your organization, created. For example, if you worked for Acme Company, you may create a name like Acme Sales.

You can use nested or composite groups and subgroups to apply the permissions of multiple groups to a set of users.