This section describes the enhancements that are available in this production update.

Additional driver registration criteria

Driver registration criteria has been enhanced to include driver carrier and driver signature. The driver carrier defaults from the equipment, and when defaulted cannot be changed. The driver signature is shown for return drivers, and gives the driver an opportunity to make a new signature or keep the signature shown.

The two new fields are now part of the YMS Facility Driver Check-In page. These new fields also display on the Enterprise YMS Driver Maintenance page showing additional equipment information.

The application uses or displays these fields in these situations:
  • In the driver mobile application: When the driver clicks the Decouple button, the Carrier and Equipment ID fields are cleared.
  • On the Gate Check Out pages: Where the Driver Signature field uses the driver saved signature.
  • On the Gate Check In page: If the facility, equipment, and carrier match a driver registration entry, the driver name, driver license, and driver state are automatically populated.

Warehouse driver alert preference

When the Equipment ID changes or a task is created, the live load driver is automatically notified. The driver, however, might choose not to use the YMS Live Load driver application for such notifications. In that case, the driver should be notified using an alternative method. There is now an optional form of communication; driver registration now includes the ability to additionally notifying the driver by email they registered with or by text message.

The additional alert preference has been added to the YMS Facility Driver Mobile Check In page. Select the SMS check box to receive a text message or the Email check box to receive an email regarding driver communication.

For the application to use text messaging, the carrier or provider is required. The phone number is required and must be ten numeric characters. You can select a provider from this list:
  • AT&T
  • Boost Mobile
  • Cricket
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Verizon or Spectrum
  • Virgin Mobile

When email is selected as the additional alert preference, an email is also sent for any auto-generated driver alerts.

When SMS is selected as the additional alert preference, a text message is also sent for any auto-generated driver alerts.