This section describes the enhancements that are available in this production update.

New fields have been added to the Alert/Event page

The Order Type and Order Status fields have been added as optional criteria on the YMS Facility Alert/Event page. You may use this additional selection criteria to find equipment based on the status of a Shipment Order (SO), Purchase Order (PO) or Advance Shipment Notice (ASN). Use this additional criteria for example, to find an SO with a status of EXPORT or equipment that has an ASN with a status of HOT. This page and optional criteria are available at both the Facility and the Enterprise level.

Batch functionality was added for batch move and batch check out

The Batch Move and Batch Check out pages now allow you to select multiple equipment records. These pages, only available at the Facility level, now include a check box to allow you to select one or more individual rows, select all rows or exclude all rows. The check box now indicates if the row is selected by the operator.

A new transaction type value has been added to the TransportationStatus BOD

The ERP/WMS system uses the new EquipmentMove transaction type to generate an equipment move. If the WMS/ERP provides the equipment ID and new location, then the move will be generated. The transaction will be put into the queue and the BOD will be positively acknowledged. If there are any errors while attempting to generate the move, then the BOD will generate an error along with the reason the BOD could not be processed or the move could not be generated.

Location status column added to the Location Name list

A location status column has been added to the location name list during selecting that now indicates whether the location is available or the location is full. This helps you find a suitable location more easily and displays if there is space in the location or not. This column has been added on these windows:
  • Check-in location selection
  • Create task selection
  • Relocate selection
  • Multi-Move location selection

Transaction logging state added to the Transaction log

The Current State and Previous State fields were added to the YMS Transaction log page to record the current and previous value of equipment when the transaction event is logged. The new fields record empty, inbound, outbound, partial outbound and stored material information. The state of the equipment prior to, and after those events occur, displays accordingly. The transaction logging state is available at both the Enterprise and Facility level.

Ability to filter by appointment type

You can now filter an inbound, outbound, or inbound and outbound appointment type for a given day by filtering by appointment type on the YMS Visual Appointment Calendar page in the Yard menu. When the appointment details are shown, the appointment type along with the other details are also shown. At the top of the YMS Visual Appointment Calendar screen, a list displays that allows you to filter on a specific appointment type. A button has been added to clear the filter. When you change or clear the filter, the appointments on the page reflect the change as well. You can change a start or end time of an appointment; if so, then the Save button is enabled. The filter is disabled when the Save button is enabled so you don’t forget to save your changes before refreshing the appointment list.

Increased the Location Zone field size in all tables

The Location Zone field has changed from 10 to 55 characters in the location configuration to give you more flexibility when naming the location zones. This change also increases the corresponding Preferred Zone field on the YMS Enterprise Carrier page and Task API Zone on the Alert/Event page.