This section describes the enhancements that are available in this production update.

Appointment calendar by door

The appointment structure has been enhanced so that in addition to equipment arrival, it now tracks the planned equipment movement when the equipment is at the facility. A new Appointment Slots page has been added to assist in tracking this information when equipment is between arrival and departure from a facility:
  • when equipment must be at the load/unload point
  • what action is going to occur at the load/unload point
  • when action is to be completed
You can also access the new appointment slot feature from the Facility Appointments page.

Warehouse order dates by option

Critical date information now displays on the Equipment Inventory page. This improves the rail car staging process and the search, sort and other actions on the equipment. The Equipment Inventory page and other grids that display inventory information now include these new display-only fields:
  • PO Creation Date
  • PO Expected Date
  • ASN Creation Date
  • ASN Expected Date
  • SO Actual Delivery Date
  • SO Actual Ship Date