This section describes the enhancements that are available in this production update.

Warehouse driver mobile decouple option

A Decouple button has been added on the driver mobile application; it displays after the Task List button. This changes the live load flag to drop trailer for the equipment associated to the driver. The transaction is then recorded in the transaction history log.

Warehouse driver task alert

The driver mobile application is used by the live load driver who stays with their equipment when at the facility. The live load driver receives tasks on their device directing them to a location for relocating their equipment. The driver can go to the Task page and if there is a task, they can complete that task. They can also refresh the Task page to display any new tasks that have been created.

With this release, YMS now generates an automatic message for the driver when the task is created, alerting them to complete the task. This message will be sent to the driver when a move task is created for a registered driver and that move is for the equipment that was registered for the driver. There is not a configuration setting for this automated message. Whenever a move task is created for the same facility, equipment, and driver combination, if the driver is active, a message will be sent to them.

Warehouse door open, door close

A new page has been designed for the door open and door close process; you can now update the equipment attributes when door open or door close occurs. On the new YMS Facility Door Open / Door Close page, you can change the equipment status, equipment state and link shipment orders to the equipment. Similar to the gate check in and gate check out process, these equipment value changes invoke the alert and events automation in the case when a host system is not providing a BOD for the loading or unloading event.