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This is the report for Expense Details:

Expense Details
The Expense Details dashboard provides an overview of the expense report-based document status in the system.

The Expense Details dashboard helps you to identify:

  • The region or the country of the employees and the vendor.
  • The expense category for which the expense is incurred, with a valid tracking number for audit.
  • Sum of Paid Amount against the Sum of Approved Amount based on the employee or the expense category.

This information is displayed on the dashboard:

Column Name Description
Tracking Number The line item number
Expense Date The date on which the expense is incurred
Expense Type The type of the expense
Country The name of the country
Full Name The name of the traveler
Vendor The name of the vendor
Paid Amount The amount reimbursed for the expense to the traveler
Approved Amount The amount approved for the expense