Dashboards enable a single view of several KPIs that are relevant to a specific business process. These Dashboards present varied information such as summaries, key trends, comparisons, and exceptions through charts and tables with metrics.

The dashboards delivered in Expense Management Analytics are designed to cover a business process within a single domain in a company, as well as cover a specific topic within a domain in the company.

Dashboards are built up by several dashlets. A dashlet can be a KPI object, a KPI chart, or any other type of report. A KPI object is usually enhanced with a KPI chart, placed together on a dashboard, which gives the impression of a single object. Color is used to emphasize and group different KPIs together.

Each dashboard is delivered with a set of filters that enables the user to drill into the data presented in the various reports on the dashboard. Filters based on conformed dimensions are shared across dashboards.

Expense Management Analytics also offers a guided ad hoc dashboard over a single model. This exemplifies a dynamic approach to reporting where selection of measures and attributes are available in different filters.