Installing the Apache server using the Windows Tomcat installer for base version

To install the apache server using the Windows Tomcat installer:

  1. Double click the xm-tomcat-10.0_build number.jar file.
    The Welcome to Expense Management 10.0 screen is displayed
  2. Click Next. The Choose Installation Set screen is displayed.
  3. Select the Apache server option and click Next. The Required Installation options screen is displayed.
  4. Specify the path where the Infor Expense Management 10.0 application must be installed and click Next. The Apache Connectivity Information screen is displayed.
  5. Specify this information:
    Apache host name
    The name of the external machine used for accessing the application.
    Apache port number
    The port number used for http.
    Apache SSL port number
    The port number used for https.
    Admin email address
    This field must be blank.
    Use secure connection
    Do not select this check box.
    Use secure connection for Java Webs
    Do not select this check box.
    Register base Tomcat instance
    Select this check box.
  6. Click Next. The Tomcat Worker Information screen is displayed.
  7. Specify this information:
    Tomcat installation directory
    The path for the installation of the Tomcat server.
    Tomcat host name
    The host name of the server.
  8. Click Next. The Installation Progress screen is displayed.
  9. Click Install.
  10. Click Ok and Exit.