This chapter provides some important information for installing the Expense Management application.

  • Expense Management 10.2 is available with an updated version of Apache (2.4.20). On the Windows operating system for the new Apache server upgrade, note that:
    • The Apache start command is changed from apache.exe to httpd.exe.
    • For earlier Windows environment, the Apache server cannot start because the MSVCR100.dll file is not available.
      Note: Download the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime 2010 and 2015 before starting Apache.
  • Expense Management 10.2.16 supports the 9.0.x tomcat version. If you encounter a 'Service Unavailable' error on the Login page after installing Expense Management 10.2.16, follow these steps:
    1. Verify the Tomcat server is running.


    2. Verify if either of the property values mentioned below is set to localhost. If so, update the configuration described below and restart the apache and tomcat servers.
      1. defaultHost property
        If this value in the under the Tomcat conf folder is set to localhost, set the value to the host name.
        Note: A non-localhost name may already be set to the existing property in the same file. And if so, use the same value for both. Otherwise, set the non-localhost name to both of these properties

        Set the value of this property to the above in the file under Apache conf folder