Step 1 - Configure the background process

Background processes are created using Infor SAT:

  1. Select SAT > Manage > Servers Background Process Monitor screen.
  2. Click New to create a new background process. The New background process dialog box appears.
  3. In the New background process dialog box, specify this information:
    Field Specify this value
    Process Name HRBkg
    Process Package Name largesoft.imports
    Process Type 2 - One Time
    Process Model 3 - Free Work
    Process Startup Mode 3 - On Request
    Process Wait Interval 0
    Process Wait Interval Unit m - Minutes
    Process Log Level 3 - Errors, Warning, Info
    Process Log Maximum Size (Kb) 1000
    Appl. Server Port No. 7001 (port # on which the Appserver is running)
    Appl. Server Host Name localhost (or the actual server name)
    Process User StandardImport (the user to associate the process to)
  4. Click OK to save the background process.
    A row is created in the alco_background_process table with the above data. It is recommended that you associate a user with the standard import process. This helps to distinguish between transactions performed by the import process from those performed by other users through the Infor SAT in the Admin Log.