Column name Data type Required Default updateable Data target Comments
external_key** VARCHAR (255) Yes* No alpd_perdiem_line_data. pd_line_data_id The external key -- Primary Key
parent_ekey VARCHAR(255) Yes* No alpd_perdiem_line_data. exp_line_item_id The external key of the parent line item
private_nightstay_address VARCHAR(255) No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.private_nightstay_address If the traveller stayed at a friend's place, the address is set here.
first_day_of_trip SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.first_day_of_trip Set to 1 if this is the first day of the trip.
last_day_of_trip SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.last_day_of_trip Set to 1 if this is the last day of the trip
time_at_location SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.time_at_location
start_time DATETME No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.start_time
end_time DATETIME No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.end_time
overnight_stay SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.overnight_stay
long_term_stay SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.long_term_stay
breakfast SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.breakfast
lunch SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.lunch
dinner SMALLINT No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.dinner
meal_amount NUMERIC(28,10) No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.meal_amount
meal_amount_ekey VARCHAR(255) No No alpd_perdiem_line_data.meal_amount_id