Extending to additional data types

The Standard Group Membership Import table can be used to import membership data for data types other than those listed above using these steps:

  1. As an exmple, use AdditionalDataType as the name of the additional data type.
  2. If a BOb type does not exist for AdditionalDataType, create a BOb type.
  3. The BOb type for AdditionalDataType must have the business_process_class_name column defined in almt_bob_type table. Furthermore, this business process class must either be largesoft.admin.bp.CorpDataBP or a class that extends the bob type.
  4. Create a new staging a table for AdditionalDataType definitions.
  5. Add appropriate rows in alhr_interface_definition to import the AdditionalDataType definitions. For example, the table_type for these rows = AdditionalDataTableType.
  6. Add these rows in alhr_interface_definition to import the AdditionalDataType memberships:
    701281| AdditionalDataType
    701282| AdditionalDataType
    701283| AdditionalDataType Membership|124000|groupId|MAP|||uid|false|true|701282
    701284| AdditionalDataType