Column name Data type Required Default updateable Data target Comments
USER_EKEY NVARCHAR (255) Yes* Yes ALCO_CUMULATIVE_MILES.USER_ID The external key of the user that this record is associated with
MILEAGE_PERIOD_EKEY NVARCHAR (255) Yes* Yes ALCO_CUMULATIVE_MILES.PERIOD_ID The external key of the mileage period
INITIAL_CUMULATIVE_MILES NUMERIC(28,10) No Yes ALCO_CUMULATIVE_MILES.INITIAL_CUMULATIVE_MILES The initial cumulative miles for the mileage period.
EXPENSE_TYPE_EKEY NVARCHAR (255) No Yes ALCO_CUMULATIVE_MILES.EXPENSE_TYPE_ID If set, cumulative miles are specific to this expense type.

* System required field

** Value must be unique