Step 1: Configure the background processes

Up to seven background processes must be created, depending upon customer requirements. Creating background processes is performed by the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool

  1. Select SAT > Manage > Servers > Background Process Monitor screen..
  2. Create New to create a new background process.
  3. The New background process definition dialog box appears.
  4. Create the background processes with the following parameters:
    Background process ER, TP and PR export ER, TP and PR verify
    Bkg_process_name DocumentExportBkg ERExportVerifyBkg TPExportVerifyBkg CRExportVerifyBkg
    Bkg_process_type Continuous (1) Continuous (1)
    Bkg_startup_mode On Request (3) On Request (3)
    Bkg_process_package largesoft.documentExport largesoft.documentExport.erexport largesoft.documentExport.tpexport largesoft.documentExport.crexport
    Bkg_process_model Single Work Item (1) Free Work Model (3)
    Background process TS export TS verify
    Bkg_process_name TSStagingExportBkg TSStagingExportVerifyBkg
    Bkg_process_type One Time (2) One Time (2)
    Bkg_startup_mode On Request (3) On Request (3)
    Bkg_process_package largesoft.documentExport.tsexport largesoft.documentExport.tsexport
    Bkg_process_model Work Queue Model (2) Work Queue Model (2)
    Background process ER, TP, PR and TS purge
    Bkg_process_name DocumentExportPurgeBkg
    Bkg_process_type Continuous (1)
    Bkg_startup_mode On Request (3)
    Bkg_process_package largesoft.documentExport
    Bkg_process_model Free Work Model (3)
    Note: Export and Verify must be associated with users who have permission to the export and verify activity, respectively. Activity permission for Export and Verify users must be created.
  5. Click OK to save each new background process.
    See the SAT online help for more information about background processes.