Column Data type Null Description
Er_document_id VARCHAR (255) N Refers to the er_document_id for the ER in the aler_expense_export_header.
Er_paid_on Datetime Y Date when the employee is reimbursed (the date expense report was paid by the external system).
Er_amt_paid NUMERIC (20,10) Y Amount reimbursed to the employee, in the external system.
Er_payment_number VARCHAR (255) Y The cheque number (if paid by cheque), or the payment method if not by cheque (i.e., EFT).
Corp_charge_date Datetime Y The date when the corporate charges are paid by the external system when the IBCP option is on and corporate charges are reported separately from the ER payment.
Corp_charge_amt_paid NUMERIC (20,10) Y Amount paid to the corporate card for the system with IBCP turned on.
Update_status INT Y

1 = new record ready to import

2 = successfully imported

3 = error during import