ERExportVerifyBkg, TPExportVerifyBkg, CRExportVerifyBkg

The ERExportVerifyBkg, TPExportVerifyBkg and CRExportVerifyBkg background processes implement the Export Verification Activity for Expense Reports, Travel Plans and Payment Requests respectively. These background processes monitor the alex_document_export_status table for the work items in the verification queue. When the export status is received into this table from the external system, one of these bkgs process the export status.

ERExportVerifyBkg, TPExportVerifyBkg, CRExportVerifyBkg
Class name ERExportVerifyBkg, TPExportVerifyBkg, CRExportVerifyBkg

Background processes that post the export status of an exported document and routes that accordingly to other Infor Expense Management workflow activities. These background processes monitor the contents of the table alex_document_export_status for the work items in their queues. When the status data is received from an external system, the background processes process the data based on the posted status:

  • Completed status: Documents are routed to the next activity in workflow (usually archive or completed queue) and the corresponding status is posted in the staging header table for the document. If there is any external data to post to the document, it is done at this time (For example: expense report payment data is posted to the expense report document).
  • Error status: Documents are routed to the Exception Handling activity for possible correction or rejection. Appropriate status is posted to the staging header table. Notes are added to the document header (top BOb) for each error status received for a header or line item. Sample notes appear in the client screen.

The notes are formatted with a heading line Document Export error reported followed by the error code and error message received from the external system. For error reports on line items the note continues with the line bobid, the expense description, item date, amount, and charge code.

Installation ERExportVerifyBkg, TPExportVerifyBkg and CRExportVerifyBkg are free work model processes. These processess need to be associated with a user id. An entry in the alwf_activity_permission table associates the bkg user with the document queues (activities) that is processed. The SAT can be used to configure these background processes. This is a sample alco_background_process entry: 3120435|ERExportVerifyBkg|1|1|1|m|1|3120439|10000|largesoft.documentExport.erexport|3|7001|localhost The server (localhost) and port number (7001) are samples and should be set to appropriate values for the client installation. The wf data set shipped with the product contains alco_background_process entries for these background processes.
Operations These background processes can be configured to start only on On-Request, or to start when the application server starts. These are typically configured to run continuously until stopped by a command request or an application server shutdown.
Recovery/restart The DocumentExportVerifyBkg can be setup to be auto restarted by the background process monitor in case of failure.