Document export process – standard feature

An Infor Expense Management document is ready for export once the document completes the approval cycle of the workflow and is placed in the Export activity. The above diagram shows the Infor Expense Management workflow, including the Review and Export activities.

The standard export processes all of the documents in the Export activity by extracting and placing their data in the standard export staging tables. The user of this activity is this background process:

(DocumentExportBkg or TSStagingExportBkg).

The status of the newly exported data in the standard export tables is set to 1 or NEW.

The document export status is maintained at the header level for Infor ER, Infor PR, and Infor TP. For Infor TS, you can maintain the export at the document level or at each individual line level. This option is defined by the application parameter, documentExport.TSExportLevel. If the value is 0, the export is at the document level; if the value is 1, the export is at the line item level.

Note: The TSStagingExportBkg is a Work Queue Model (type 2). The DocumentExportBkg is a Single Work Item model (type 1).