The TSStagingExportVerifyBkg background process implements the TS Export Verification Activity. This background process monitors the alex_document_export_status table for the work items in the TS Export Verify queue. When the export status is received into this table from the external system, this bkg processes the export status.

TS Staging Export Verify Bkg
Class name TSStagingExportVerifyBkg

A background process that posts the export status of an exported document and routes thatInfor Expense Management accordingly to other workflow activities. This background process monitors the contents of the table alex_document_export_status for the work items in its queue. When status data is received from an external system, this processes the export based on the posted status:

  • Completed status: Documents are routed to the next activity in workflow (usually archive or completed queue) and the corresponding status is posted in the staging header table for the document.
  • Error status: Documents are routed to the Exception Handling activity for possible correction or rejection. The Exception Handling activity is specified by the application parameter: documentExport.TSExportExceptionTransitionName in pre-6.0 releases. This parameter's value is the activity transition name. In 6.0, this parameter is no longer required. If it is not specified, then the Exception Handling activity will be the one associated with the activity transition whose status is 6 (exception handling). Appropriate status is posted to the staging header table. Notes are added to the document header (top BOb) for each error status received for a header or line item. Sample notes as it will show in the client screen are shown below:

The notes are formatted with a heading line Document Export error reported followed by the error code and error message received from the external system. For error reports on line items the note continues with the line BOb_id, the expense description, item date, amount, and charge code. Tax location is added export in the 6.0 release. But there is no export verification process for the tax location directly. Tax location only exists for the user who has access to the Calendar Tab and the tax location on the Calendar Tab. Tax location is a daily entry. This only exists if there are line items (alts_line_item) of the same day existing on the Project Tabs. If all project line items on the same day are verified successfully, the tax location is also verified successfully.


TSStagingExportVerifyBkg is a one-time, on-request start, single work item model process. This requires an entry into the alco_background_process table and needs to be associated with a user id. An entry in the alwf_activity_permission table associates the bkg user with the document queues (activities) that is processed. This is a sample alco_background_process entry: 600051|TSStagingExportVerifyBkg|2|3|7|d|3|112|1000|largesoft.documentExport.tsexport|2|7001|localhost

The bkg_process_id (600051), server (localhost) and port number (7001) are samples and should be set to an appropriate value for the client installation.

Operations By default, the TSStagingExportVerifyBkg is defined to be started only as On-Request. But the TSStagingExportVerifyBkg can be configured to be started when the application server starts and run continuously until stopped by a command request or an application server shutdown.
Recovery/restart The TSStagingExportVerifyBkg can be setup for auto restart in case of failure.