The TSStagingExportBkg background process implements the formatting of Time Sheet documents for export to the export tables. This background process reads in the Infor Expense Management TS documents and formats the contents into the export tables.

TS Staging Export Bkg
Class name TSStagingExportBkg
Description A background process used to format an Infor Expense Management document into their standard export format in the export staging tables.
Processing TSStagingExportBkg processes the Infor Expense Management Timesheets documents. This retrieves the Infor Expense Management documents and formats its data elements into Header, Line, (project line, attendance line and tax location line) and Complimentary tables. Tax location is added to Timesheet Export in the 6.0 release. A new table alts_export_tax_location_line is created to store the tax locations. Tax location only exists for the user who has access to the Calendar Tab and the tax location on the Calendar Tab. Tax location is exported whenever a project line item on that day is exported.
Installation TSStagingExportBkg is a one-time, on-request start, work queue model process. This requires an entry into the alco_background_process table and needs to be associated with a user ID. An entry in the alwf_activity_permission table associates the bkg user with the document queues (activities) that is processed. This is a sample alco_background_process entry is: 600050|TSStagingExportBkg |2|3|7|d|1|111|1000|largesoft.documentExport.tsexport|2|7001|localhost The bkg_process_id (600050), server (localhost) and port number (7001) are samples and should be set to an appropriate value for the client installation.
Operations By default, the TSStagingExportBkg is defined to be started only on On-Request. The DocumentExportBkg can be configured to start when the application server starts and run continuously until stopped by a command request or an application server shutdown.
Recovery/restart The TSStagingExportBkg can be set up to be auto restarted by the background process monitor in case of failure.