Re-export – standard feature

After resolving the problem, the work item can be sent back to the Export activity for re-export into the external system.

  • For Infor ER, the entire document is re-exported.
  • For Infor TS, if the export is at the line level, only the lines that failed to process are re-exported.

This behavior can be configured by the workflow transition. Sometimes the behavior is configured to go to Verify, after the fix or can be rejected back to the owner of the document. If the document is sent back to Export, the is_exported flag on the work item must be reset to 0, for the document to be re-exported. This flag is added to prevent accidental re-export of documents. The flag can be reset using the Export Reset business rule.

Note: Since Infor TS allows line item level exports, you could get into a situation where some lines have been exported and some lines are not. Currently, the person handling export exception or the owner of the document has access to all the lines including the exported lines.