Overview of receipts

In the Infor Expense Management application, you can attach receipts in an image format to a specific expense receipt document. You can configure the acceptable image formats such as gif, jpg, pdf, or tiff and upload the receipts when you submit an expense document, or at a later time.

You can also send the receipt images to the Infor Expense Management using e-mail. The receipt considers the use the subject line of the e-mail to identify the Infor Expense Management document ID, for example, ER0000001 to which the receipt image must be attached. A background process instance is used to read the incoming e-mails. An authorization check is performed when the receipts are imported that ensures this information:

  • The e-mail address of the sender matches a user in the Infor Expense Management application.
  • The user is the owner or creator of the specified document.
  • The document is in an activity, such as create, receipts hold, or anything prior to archive, that allows an upload before the receipts can be added either through e-mail or the desktop.

A reply to an e-mail reply is sent in one of these scenarios:

  • The sender is not authorized to upload the receipts.
  • Document ID specified in the subject line does not exist.
  • Receipt image is large.