About this guide

This document provides integration guideline for Infor Expense Management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Itemize performs the actual OCR and provides Infor with the text data on a receipt.

OCR enables Expense Management to extract all relevant data such as amount, date, merchant, expense type from the receipt image to create expense line items and submit for approval.

The actual OCR is done by our partner Itemize.

To use this feature, the user must send the receipts through Expense Management which in turn uploads the images to Itemize. Itemize processes the receipts and returns the OCR data back to Expense Management. The user can view and import the data to the expense report. The receipt is also automatically attached to the line item. If a credit card transaction and an OCR transaction match, the transaction is automatically reconciled.

Note: Itemize limits the receipts size to 5MB.You can set the value of the receipts.imgToPDF or receipts.mergePDF application parameters to True for negating the receipt size limit.