Configuring Expense Management application for OCR

You can configure the Itemize OCR integration.

  1. Enable the Itemize OCR feature by setting the receipts.ocr.enabled application parameter to true.
  2. Configure this Itemize account information:
    • receipts.itemize.apiToken: <Itemize api token>
    • receipts.itemize.accountId: <Itemize account id>
      Note: The Infor Order Fulfillment team sends the account information to the customer contact through email. The account information can also be available from the Infor Support’s Key Management System.
    • receipts.itemize.url: <sandbox or production url>
      Note: You can specify one of these URLs based on the requirement:

      Additionally, you can configure these application parameters based on your requirement:

    • receipts.ocr.autoItemize : When the value is set to True, folio data from the OCR vendor creates itemizations on the resulting expense. The default value is true.
    • receipts.ocr.enableStatus: When enabled, all OCR status update, including Initialized status, are provided in the application user interface related to OCR. For example, Available Expenses.
    • receipts.ocr.paymentTypeId: The ID of the payment type for all OCR-derived expenses. The value must be -1 to specify no payment type.
    • receipts.ocr.reconcile.enabled: Whenf enabled, OCR reconciliation is displayed.
  3. Run the ‘ItemizeOCRBkg’ and the ‘ItemizeOCRUploadBkg’ Expense Management background processes.
  4. Make this feature available to select Expense Management users by adding the users to the following new OCR user group via SAT: OCR: User group.