Using Itemize from the mobile hybrid application

You can use Itemize from the mobile hybrid application.

  1. Log on to the mobile app with a user having the role ‘OCR Receipts: Role’.
  2. Click on Unattached Receipts.
  3. Click + option to upload a receipt.
  4. Refresh the page to view the status. The possible values are:
    • recognizing: Receipt is uploaded to Infor
    • recognized: Receipts OCR completed and ready for attachment
    • unrecognized: There was an error in processing the receipt
    • partially recognized: The receipt was successfully processed, but some key data like amount, date or vendor name is missing.
  5. Ensure the OCR data (purchase date, amount, expense and payment types, merchant) match that of the receipt when the transaction is in recognized status.
  6. Select receipts with the recognized or partially recognized status and click Attach to New Report to add the expense to a new expense report or Attach to Existing Report to add the expense to an existing expense report.
  7. Verify that the expenses are created for the document based on the selected OCR transactions.
  8. Verify that the corresponding receipts are automatically attached to the newly created expense line items.