Expense Reports

The Infor Expense Management Expense Reports functionality enables the processing of expense reports based on the data specific to the company, including the corporate data, workflow, and the business rules. When creating an expense report, an employee can download credit-card transactions, minimizing the effort and the possibility of errors while specifying data. The functionality also supports multiple currencies and languages, VAT (value added tax) and variable mileage rates.

This functionality can be integrated with a company's financial operations, thereby reducing additional data entry.

The Expense Report document includes these processes:

  • Creating the document header, adding an expense item, importing transactions, and linking attachments.
  • Adding expenses, itemizing expenses, reviewing and modifying allocations, importing credit card data and other transactions.
  • Reviewing the expense report summary.
  • Reviewing exceptions for the expense report, if any.
  • Reviewing the actual expenses, the per diem amount, and overages for line items in the expense report.

After you create an expense report, you can submit the document for approval.