Searching for a location

You can search for a location. Click the Find Location option corresponding to the Location field in the Standard Information section on the Expense Report line item details page. The Find Location page is displayed.

Note: The Location field is displayed only for selected expense types such as Location, Entertainment, and Hotel.
  1. Specify this information in the search criteria section:
    The name of the city.
    The name of the state or province.
    The name of the country.
    Is User-created
    Indicates whether the location has been created by a user. Possible values:
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Click Find. The location names based on the search criteria information are displayed at the right of the page.
    You can also use this page to:
    • Add a new location, using the New option.
    • Manage the location that has been created recently, using the manage link.
    • Modify the existing location, using the Select link.
    • Export the data related to the location, using the Export option.