Attaching receipts to the expense

You can attach receipts to the expense. Click My Receipts on the Expense Report line items page.

  1. Click the file attachment option in the Attached Receipts section. The Attach Receipts page is displayed.
  2. Click Choose Files to select the required file.
    Note: You can also drag and drop receipts or images from Windows Explorer to the file attachment option.
  3. Click Attach.
  4. Click Done.
    Note: To delete the attached receipt, click the receipt to open and click Delete.

    Receipts can also be attached to an expense report document in the Receipt section on the Expense Report line item details page or from the Infor Expense Management home page. You can also search for receipts in the Available receipts section based on the receipts date range.

    Note: You can also forward an html version of receipt, such as from airlines or any electronic receipt, to the Infor Expense Management application. The application converts the html version to a PDF version of the receipt. The PDF is available in the user receipt store and can be attached to an expense report document. The converted receipts works like any other receipt. To use this functionality, enable the receipt.mail.html2pdf application parameter. See, the Expense Report General Application Parameters section in the Expense Management System Administration Tool Guide