Reviewing user details

You can review the details of a user. Click the User Details option corresponding to the user field on the Find Project page. The User Details page is displayed.

  1. Review this information related to the user:
    First Name
    The first name of the user you require to search.
    Middle Initial
    The middle name of the user.
    Last Name
    The last name of the user.
    The login ID of the user.
    Cost Center
    The cost center to which the user is allocated.
    The manager of the user. Click the User Details option to review the details.
    The role assigned to the user.
    Employee ID
    The unique identification number of the user.
    The location of the user.
    The country in which the user resides.
    Phone number
    The contact number of the user.
    Out of office
    Indicates whether the user is out of office. Possible values:
    • Yes
    • No
    The email address of the user.
  2. Click Done.