Generating expenses from travel plans

You can generate expense report line items for the online booking itineraries. You can also modify the line items, if required, before submitting the expense report. Click My Travel on the Expense Report line items page. All the approved online booking itineraries and the approved travel plans are displayed.

Note: You can delete the travel plans that are not required using the Delete option.
  1. Select a check box corresponding to an unattached booking or a travel plan.
  2. Click Import. The transaction data is imported, and the expense line items are created for the selected online booking itinerary or the travel plan.
  3. Click a line item. The line item details are displayed.
  4. Modify the data, if required
    Note: If the line item is associated with a credit card transaction, you can use the Reconcile option to select the credit card transaction for attaching to the expense report line item.
  5. Click Save.