Searching for receipts uploaded by you

You can search for receipts that have been uploaded. Click Search My Receipts on the Receipts For All Expenses page.

  1. Specify the receipt tracking number or select a date range to search a receipt that has been uploaded.
  2. Click Search.

    You can use this page to:

    • Attach a receipt to an expense, using the Attach Receipts option.
    • View the image of the receipt, using the View Receipt option.
    • Delete all receipts, using the Delete All Receipts option.
    • Delete a single receipt, using the Delete Receipt option.
    • Attach a copy of the receipt to a document, using the Copy Receipts option.
    • Download receipts, using the Download All Receipts option.
    • Navigate to the receipt store, using the Receipt Store option.
    Note: You must select the check box corresponding to the document to enable the options.