Reviewing the PTO information

The Timesheet Benefit Bank page summarizes an employee's Paid Time Off (PTO) data.

To view this information, click the Timesheet Information option on the user profile menu.

Note: If the Benefit Bank tab is not displayed, contact your System Administrator.
Note: The PTO categories displayed are based on the configuration specific to a company.

You can review this information:

  • PTO Category: The PTO category for which the employee information is recorded in the Benefit Bank. For example: Bereavement, floating holiday and jury duty.
  • Currently Available: The total benefit hours available for the employee in the PTO category.
  • Pending: The total PTO hours requested in the current timesheet. The pending hours also includes the hours that are not recorded by the external human resources management program.
  • Pending Available: The number of available hours excluding the hours that are pending.
  • Accrued YTD: The total number of PTO hours the employee has accrued for the current year.
  • Taken YTD: The total number of PTO hours taken for the current year.