Attaching travel plans to expense reports

You can attach a travel plan to an expense report only after the travel plan is approved.

Note: To import all the document level attachments of the travel plan, you must set the value of these application parameters to True:
  • er.copyAttachmentsOnTPImport
  • Attachment.isEnabled

To attach a travel plan to an expense report:

  1. Click the expense report on the My Documents tab.
  2. Click the Attachments tab.
  3. Click Add in the Documents section. The Add Attachment page is displayed.
  4. Select the travel plan to be attached to the expense report.
  5. Click Save. All the document level attachments from the selected travel plan is imported to the expense report.
    Note: For an expense report that has a travel plan attached, the planned expenses and the actual expenses are displayed in the printed document. A reviewer can also view this data when reviewing the expense report.