Infor Expense Management and Infor GRC integration

Infor Expense Management can now be integrated with Infor Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Authorizations Insight (AI) to monitor the automated business processes continuously. The GRC application automatically identifies exceptions and controls system failure in the key application. Organizations can reduce potential business risk and increase operational efficiency by locating and correcting issues immediately. GRC can automate audit processes and reduce the cost of compliance. When the applications are integrated, security BODs are sent from Infor Expense Management and Infor Federation Services (IFS) component of Infor Ming.le™ to the Data Lake through ION. Data from these BODs is extracted and analyzed by GRC. Security assignment violations generated in the GRC application are sent to IFS through ION. See the Infor Expense Management Integration Guide for Infor Governance Risk and Compliance, for additional implementation details.