Modifying user profile data

You can review or modify the data related to the user profile. Click My Profile on the Infor Expense Management home page.

  1. Specify this information on the Basic Information tab:
    The job title of the user.
    Employee ID
    The unique identification number of the user.
    The location of the office.
    The country where the office is located.
    The telephone number of the office.
    Out of the office
    The out of the office status of the user. Possible values:
    • Yes

      Select the Select Duration check box to specify the out of office duration of the user.

    • No
    The email address of the user.
    E-mail Locale
    The language preference for the email, based on the location.
    Time Zone
    The time zone in which the user is located. The specified time zone is stored in the database and is considered across the application.
    Note: The server time zone is considered if a value is not specified in this field.
    Choose a Theme
    The background theme. Possible values:
    • Light(Default)
    • Dark
    • High Contrast
  2. Specify additional email address in the Additional Email Addresses section.
  3. Click Update Profile to update the profile and save the changes.

    This page also displays the data related to the assigned credit cards, such as the credit card number (only the last 4 digits; other digits being masked), the card type, and the card limit.