Updating user application default values

You can update the user default values in the application. Click Application Default on the profile page of the user.

  1. Select the Default Cost Center. You can also find a cost center using the Find Cost Center option.
  2. Select the Default Project. You can also find a project using the Find Project option. Click the Project Details option to review the details of the project.
  3. Specify the Default Commute Miles/Km. The Default Mileage Rate field is automatically populated.
  4. Select the Default Location. You can also find a location using the Find Location option.
    Note: For the location to be displayed automatically, you must enable the Location.showCity, Location.showCountry, and the Location.showState application parameters. The Sync.Personnel BOD fetches the city, country, and state values based on the application parameters and displays the location, by default.
  5. Click Update Profile to save the modifications.