Using DEEM online bookings to create expense reports

You can generate expense report line items directly from the travel itineraries created using the DEEM Work Fource platform. This saves users from having to manually specify expenses and allow corporate travel managers to review and manage expenses proactively before the trip, thereby providing better control over the travel expenses. Each travel itinerary represents a line item. The travel itineraries can be flight, train, hotel, or car rental.

To create an expense report from DEEM online bookings:

  1. Click an expense report document on the My Documents tab. The Expense Report details page is displayed.
  2. Click My Travel. The My Travel page is displayed. All the booking itineraries from DEEM are displayed.
  3. Select a check box corresponding to an unattached booking.
  4. Click Import. The transaction data is imported and the expense line items are created for the selected online booking itinerary.
  5. Click the line item. The line item details are displayed.
  6. Modify the data, if required.
  7. Click Save.
    Note: You can modify or delete the expense line items before you submit the expense report.