Searching for reviewed documents

You can search for documents that you have reviewed. Click Documents for Review > Search Documents on the Infor Expense Management home page.

  1. Specify this information in the search criteria section:
    • The owner is: The unique identification number of the document owner.
    • Review Date is between: Select this check box to specify the date range to list the documents reviewed in this time period.
    • Document Has Overrides: Select this check box to list the documents containing overrides.
    • Tracking #: The number or document ID.
    • Title contains: The title of the document.
    • Activity is one of: The work flow, for example, ER create. See, Searching for a document by the current activity.
  2. Click Find. You can also use these options:
    Option Description
    New Search To define new search criteria.
    Cancel To exit the search criteria.
    Export To export the data to Microsoft Excel.