Searching for the address

You can search for an address of the guest. Click Add in the Address section on the New Guest page.

  1. Specify this information in the search criteria:
    The name of the address.
    The address description.
    The address city name.
    The address state or province name.
    The address country name.
    Zip/Postal Code
    The client's zip code.
    The client's phone number.
    The client's fax number.
    The client's website address.
    Contact Name
    The name of a contact person at the address.
    Contact Phone
    The contact person's phone number.
    Contact email
    The contact person's email address.
    Is User-created
    Indicates whether the address has been created by a user. Possible values:
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Click Find. The guest names based on the search criteria information are displayed at the right of the page.

    You can use this page to:

    • Add a new address, using the New option.
    • Select an existing address, using the Select link.
    • Export the data related to the address, using the Export option.