Travel Plans

Infor Expense Management Travel Plan functionality enable companies to implement corporate policies, discourage last-minute travel, and use preferred vendors, thereby streamlining the entire travel process.

The travel plan functionality can be configured in these circumstances:

  • Alert employees about the out-of-policy items so that employees can modify the itineraries in a timely manner.
  • Alert managers by email about travel plans that require approval.

The travel plan document includes these processes:

  • Creating the document header, add travel line items, and attach documents or files.
  • Modifying the allocations at the document level rather than at the line item level.
  • Reviewing the summary of the travel plan, that includes the document header, status, and history information.
  • Adding or reviewing the notes to a travel plan document and individual line items.
  • Viewing the exceptions for the entire travel plan, separate line items, and specify explanations, if required.

After you create a travel plan, you can submit the document for approval.