Importing an expense report

Expense reports can be imported into the application by uploading an excel spreadsheet.

Note: You must set the value of the showDocumentSpreadsheetImport application parameter to True for displaying the Import a New option in the application.
  1. Click Import a New on the Inbox page.
  2. Click the Expense report option. The Import Document page is displayed.
  3. Select the Excel spreadsheet to upload.
    Note: The spreadsheet to be imported must follow this format:
    • Expense type
    • Date
    • Amount
    • Currency
    • Exchange Rate
    • Airline/Hotel/Car Agency
    • Accounting Center
  4. Click Next. The Document Header page is displayed.
  5. Modify the specified information, if required.
  6. Click Save to import the spreadsheet.
    Note: You must continue to click the Save option until all the line items from the Excel spreadsheet are imported.
  7. Click Close to submit the expense report later or click Submit.