Searching for a guest list

You can search for a guest list. Click the Find Guest List option corresponding to the Guest List field. The Find Guest List page is displayed.

  1. Specify this information in the search criteria section:
    The name of the guest you require to search.
    The description of the guest.
    Is User-created
    Indicates whether the guest list has been created by a user. Possible values:
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Click Find. The guest list based on the search criteria information is displayed at the right of the page.
    You can also use this page to:
    • Add a new guest list, using the New option. You can also create a new guest list from the specified search criteria, using New: From Search option from the New list.
    • Manage recently created guest lists, using the manage link.
    • Select an existing guest list, using the Select link.
    • Review the guest list details, using the Guest List Details option corresponding to Guest List on the right of the page.
    • Export the data related to the guest list, using the Export option.