Timesheet Detail report

The Timesheet Detail report displays the details of the hours logged by an employee for the selected charge code.

The report also includes:

  • The time when employee reports to work.
  • The time when employee leaves for the day.
  • The time taken for a break; including the lunch time.
  • The number of hours logged as Overtime or Doubletime.

This table lists the information displayed in the timesheet detail report in addition to the basic information. See Reviewing the Expense Management reports.

Content Description
Date The date when the hours are reported.
Time Code The type of charge code used to log the hours.
Cost Center The internal code to which the hours are charged.
In/Out The In time and Out time data recorded for each day of the week.
Subtotal The total hours logged for this line item.
Time Off The hours logged for leave availed or holidays.
Total Hours The total number of hours logged for the specified time period.
Approved Hours The total number of hours approved for the specified time period.