Unlocking reporting database

Sometimes, the ETL process abnormally ends while generating the etl.log 'lock' message. From 10.1 release, the reporting database is unlocked using the etl batch file in the XMDBTool Client. The manual_lock_rdb parameter must be specified and set to N to unlock the database:

Run_etl -manual_lock_rdb N

A new background process, XMDBToolBkg.ETL_UnlockRDB is used to support database unlocking. By default, the bkg parameters are:


This BKG process is run to unlock reporting DB.

Note:  When we specify the date and the time, for example: 07-17-2017 15:30:00, from the command line, the parsing does not go right for the date, because of the space between MM-DD-YYYY<space>HH:MM:SS. So, when specifying it from the command line we must specify it as MM-DD-YYYY<forwardslash>HH:MM:SS. For example 07-17-2017/15:30:00. However, when specifying in the properties file and the background process, date can be given in the regular date format MM-DD-YYYY<Space>HH:MM:SS.