Getting automatic updates – autoupdater.bat/sh


The AutoUpdater feature enables the XMDBTool to download the latest library jar files from the server to the client. This ensures that each time the server is updated; for example with service packs or hand patches, the client is also updated with the latest updates. By default, all the XMDBTool batch files first run the Autoupdater to determine whether the client needs any latest updates. If yes, this downloads all the latest available updates from the server. After the updates are downloaded, the batch file resumes.

Configuration Properties

Autoupdater uses a separate configuration properties file called The properties are as below:

  • server - The server variable refers to the server address from where the library files are downloaded.
  • enableAutoUpdate – This parameter is used to enable the autoupdater. By default, it is set to yes. If the user does not want to run the autoupdater, this parameter must be set to No. By default, this parameter is set to yes.