XMDBTool Background Process

XMDBTool can also be used as a background process. This section describes how to use XMDBTool on a server instead of the XMDBTool client. If XMDBTool is used as a background process, the installation of the XMDBTool client on the local machine is not required. To use the XMDBTool, you must run the XMDBTool bkg process in SAT.

The process to use SFTP is:

  1. The customer uploads the data files to a specific location on a SFTP server.
  2. After the files are on the server, XMDBTool BKG Process transfers the file to a pre-defined location on the Expense Management Application Server.
  3. XMDBTool processes the files and copies the log files back to customer SFTP location.
  4. In case of an export, the XMDBTool background process which runs the export process, transfers the exported data files and the logs to the customer SFTP location.

XMDBTool runs as a background process on the Infor Expense Management server. Based on the functionality, multiple instances of XMDBTool can be defined in the alco_background_process table. For example, you can have separate instances of XMDBTool BKG for uploading data (importing), downloading data (exporting), uploading (importing) credit card files, running ETL and so on. XMDBTool background process that imports and exports has a built-in feature which can connect BKG to the remote customer SFTP location (using SFTP protocol) and transfer incoming files (files that are to be imported, Credit Cards and transactional) to the Expense Management Application Server. This can also transfer outgoing files (exported data files and log files for imports and exports). The section SFTP Feature of XMDBTool in this document explains SFTP in detail.

When the XMDBTool client is used, the parameters for XMDBTool are stored in the Properties file and the data is passed as background parameters to the required background process in the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool.