Support to deploy specific tables

From 10.1 release, ETL viz XMDBTool supports the deploying of ETL data to specific tables, using the deploy_specified_tables parameter. When this parameter is used, only the specified tables are mapped. You can specify multiple tables separated by a colon. The deploy_specified_tables parameter is used with the startDate and the endDate parameters. You can also use this parameter in a full etl run. If the toFile parameter is not specified, the db - to - dbtranformation process is used. When dates are specified in the command line, add a % between the data and the time part.

Example 1:

run_etl bat -deploy_tables Y -mapping_classes USER_HIERARCHY -toFile C:\Nitesh\test1.sql -deploy_specified_tables EXPENSE_REPORT:EXPENSE_REPORT_LINE_ITEM

Example 2: t -deploy_specified_tables EXPENSE_REPORT:EXPENSE_REPORT_LINE_ITEM-startDate 01-01-2016%00:00:00 -endDate 01-01-2017%00:00:00