Running background process from XMDBTOOL: run_background_process_XMDBTool.bat/sh AND run_bkg.bat/sh


The run_background_process_XMDBTool.bat/sh is used to initiate background processes on the server. This command is generally run from the command line.

To run the background process:

Specify the command run_background_process.bat [bkgproc] [PROTOCOL://host] [port] [userId] [password] [op]. For example, run_background_process_XMDBTool.bat PayrollBkg http://nibbler 7001 jsmith p start. Here PayrollBkg is the name of the bkg, http is the protocol used, nibbler is the host name, 7001 is the port number, jsmith is the user ID and p is the password. Finally operation is start. (start the bkg)

The log file generated by the background process is sent to the customer machine. If the background process is in progress, the XMDBTool client waits until the BKG completes processing. The logs are generated in the client side and it can be found in the <client-install>/logs folder.

There is an additional batch file for running the background process. It is the run_bkg.bat/sh. This batch file is also used to run Expense Management background process from the XMDBTool client. This bkg uses these configuration parameters.

  • Op: This is an optional parameter and is used to specify the operation that has to be carried out. It is either starting or stopping the bkg. By default, it's always start.
  • bkgName: This is a mandatory parameter. The name of the background process that needs to be run is specified in this parameter.

The difference between the and is that the former relies on positional-based parameters that need to be provided from the command line parameters and the latter takes it from the properties file as a name-value pair.

The XMDBTool Client can now be used to send parameter values to background processes.

When specifying params in the file, the parameter must be specified as params = <bkg process parameter>. For example, params = startDate=20190101, endDate=20190202.

If the params are specified in the command line, the character (=) must be replaced by (-_) and the character (,) must be replaced by (::). For example, >run_bkg.bat -bkgName XMDBToolBkg.export -params startDate-_20190101::endDate-_20190202