Importing Per-Diem rates

The XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed background process is added to the Expense Management application. This process uploads and imports the modified Per Diem feed(s) from the SFTP site.

To import the modified Per-Diems, you must perform these actions:

Setup the SFTP server
As the Per-Diems are uploaded from the SFTP server, all the required sftp parameters must be set. For details, see SFTP Feature of XMDBTool.
Setup the PerDiemImportBkg process to be called
The XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed background process calls the PerDiemImportBkg process to import the Per-Diem feeds from the SFTP site. These actions must be performed to execute the PerDiemImportBkg process:
  • Set a value for the PerDiem.importDir application parameter. The value of this application parameter is the location of the tenant folder in the xmshare path.
  • Assign a value to the deleteAfterImport application parameter (optional) in the Parameters text field of PerDiemImportBkg process in the SAT application. If a value is not assigned to the deleteAfterImport application parameter, the files are not removed.

    If the value is set to true, all the files in the tenant folder are deleted after PerDiemImportBkg process is executed.

Steps to setup XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed bkg in SAT
  • Add the XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed background process in the SAT application
  • Define the c=UPLOAD_PERDIEM_FEED,pd.filepat==<a list of feed or feed file pattern> parameter in the Parameters textfield of the XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed background process.

    The pd.filepat is a mandatory parameter that specifies the feed(s) to be uploaded. Multiple feeds can be separated by a stroke ‘|’. For example, pd.filepat=Conusnm,txt|Connow.txt

The XMDBToolBkg.UploadPerDiemFeed background process transfers the Per-Diem feed(s) from the SFTP site to <importFileLocation>/<tenantId>/import/pd/sftpdata folder. The sftpdata folder is a temporary placeholder for all per-Diem feeds transferred from SFTP. After all the Per-Diem feed files are received, the feed files are moved to the PerDiem.importDir before the PerDiemImportBkg is executed.

New rows are added to the Per Diem table in XM database if the background process runs successfully.

Related logs:
  • <APACHE_TOMCAT_DIR>\logs\<tenant>\<tenant>.XMDBToolBkg.UPLOAD_PERDIEM_FEED.log
  • <APACHE_TOMCAT_DIR>\logs\<tenant>\<tenant>.PerDiemImportBkg.log