Specifying the logging level from the XMDBTool client

Use the XMDBTool_logLevel parameter to specify the logging level to be used when you upload or download data. In the xmdbtool.properties configuration file, specify one of these options:

  • 3 (Debug): This option provides the highest level of logging information and can be useful for debugging.
  • 2 (Minor): This option is the lowest level of logging information.
  • 1 (Serious): This is the default option. By default, this parameter is set to 1. For example, XMDBTool_logLevel = 2

To get additional log information, the parameter debugInfo must be set to true in xmdbtool.properties file. Setting this parameter enables the XMDBTool to trace the XMDBTool execution path because the tool proceeds to execute the provided command.

To activate this feature, the parameter debugInfo must be set to true in the xmdbtool.properties file. For example, debugInfo = true. By default, the value of this parameter is false.

Note: Enabling this tool leads to generation of the log data.