Regex validations

The regex validation functionality is now available in the Expense Management version 10.2.13. You can use this functionality to ensure that the uploaded credit card files are tokenized. To validate the credit cards, scan the uploaded file before the card is temporarily stored for processing, with the corresponding regex expression. The regex expression is based on the card type. If the regex expression matches the uploaded file, the file is not tokenized and will not be processed further.

You can use any type of credit card that is mentioned in the alcc_import_format table. The regex expression for each card type is stored in the ccRegex.<cardtype> application parameter table. However, if the regex expression is not available, you can specify the same manually in the application parameter table.

For example, for a VISA card, ccRegex.Visa is the application parameter and for Master Card, the ccRegex.MasterCard is the application parameter. The regex expression for the Visa card, MasterCard and Amex is included in the base dataset.

To enable the regex validation for credit cards, you must configure these application parameters:
  • cc.checkRegex: Set the value to True if the credit card files are uploaded from the XMDBTool client using the upload_cc_feed.bat file. By default, the value is set to False.
  • cc.checkRegexBkg: Set the value to True if the CC files are uploaded using the XMDBToolBkg.CC background process. By default, the value is set to False.
  • cc.allowImportNonPCICompliantFeeds: Set the value of this parameter to true if non PCI Compliant CC feeds must be imported. This parameter is used only if the value of either cc.checkRegex or cc.checkRegexBkg application parameter is set to true. Else, the non PCI Compliant CC feeds are skipped. By default, the value of this parameter is set to False.
Note: If the regex expression is not available for any card type but the regex validations for that card type is enabled, the credit card file for that card is not processed.